To the west, to the west...

With the western leg of our "Wherever You Go" tour behind us, we thought it would be a nice time to look back at the first leg as we head out for Toronto @TheDrakeHotel, Ottawa @ZaphodBeeblebrox, London @rumrunners, Kingston @themansionkingston, and Guelph @DSTRCTguelph.

Our first stop was over in Vancouver at @roxyvancouver where we discovered Boomarang and nice people sang along with our songs provinces away from home. We also ran into some old friends and had a time playing "party pool." On three hours of sleep, we drove 15 hours to Calgary to play over at The Gateway. We found a comedically large poster of us, and now it lives on Pat's bedroom wall. He is his own 13 year old fan. Edmonton was a blast and we stopped in at NOW 102.3 and Sonic 102.9 for a visit. Denizen Hall - a venue with an arcade attached to it - was absolutely ballistic and gave us unlimited tokens for Turtles in Time. In the morning we spent a few hours at breakfast as we tried to piece the last night together, and then headed to Saskatoon where we played for a small but enthusiastic crowd at Amigo's.

It was a bit of a whirlwind leg of a tour, but it reminded us how much we love what we do. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, and thanks for all of the support and love from home. Can't wait to see you on the 25th.